Jumaat, 25 Januari 2013

MSL 2013 Patch v3.0 By Razor

This patch is standalone version and will not affect with others patch. Please refer to installation section to install the patch. I will not responsible for any damage caused by this patch. Feel free to give a comment to our forum.

Full Features:
*Compatible with DLC 3.00 and Konami 1.01
*Included latest kitserver13 v13.1.1.0
*New League: Malaysia Super League & Malaysia Premier League
*New National Team: Malaysia, Malaysia U22, Classic Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Laos, Myanmar (AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 Teams)
*Complete AFC Champion League Clubs 2013
*New kit for MSL club 2013 season
*Created a lot of missing player for MSL and MPL clubs
*Update lineup for almost clubs
*Malaysia and Indonesia Nationality playable in BAL
*Auto Corner Flag by Ali Hector
*Add new face for Malaysian player *Remove blur effect
*HD Turf
*New launcher - selector for graphic mods

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Download :

Download MSL 2013 Patch v3.1 (FIX):

This patch will update and fix some features:
1. Fix missing kit
2. Fix MPL league structure for ACL mode
3. New Kits - Perlis, POS Malaysia, KL SPA, 
4. New Menu Icon - In Selector
5. Update Malaysia Squad

Download MSL 2013 Patch v3.2 (FIX):

This patch will update: 
1. New kits - Darul Takzim, Pahang, UiTM, PDRM
2. New Emblem - Kelantan FA
3. Add Malaysia National Anthem
4. New Supporter Banner - Malaysia, Kelantan, Darul Takzim, Perak, Pahang, Selangor

And fix:
1. Fix Argentina Kit

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